FreshZone is a compact battery operated device that generates activated oxygen. Its main purpose is to sanitise small enclosed spaces such as fridges, wardrobes and cupboards. This has many benefits! It is good for your health, environmentally friendly, supports sustainability and is energy efficient. FreshZone can save you money by preventing food spoilage and clothes damage due to mould and other pollutants.

Product Overview

FreshZone will NEUTRALIZE:

What Powers FreshZone?

FreshZone is very energy efficient with a maximum power output of only 1 watt. It is powered by 4 x D size batteries which can last up to 6 months. We recommend using the best quality batteries available that will last longer and limit waste.

What are the ongoing running costs?

The ongoing cost is the cost of the batteries which is only about $2 per month.

Please recycle your batteries.

Battery recycling services are conveniently situated Australia-wide. Check your nearest drop-off site at: Also, Aldi supermarket offers a free recycling service at all their Australian stores.

FreshZone is a

game changer for your

fridge & your food!


7 Day Shelf Life Test


FreshZone does NOT need:

Freshzone WILL:


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FreshZone is a revolutionary new device that will save you money by dramatically reducing fridge food spoilage and waste. It neutralizes mould, bacteria, fungus, viruses, ethylene gas, pesticides and odours without chemicals, cover-up scents, refills or filters. Maintenance free. Just set and forget. Keep your fridge as fresh as a mountain breeze!

AU$45.00 AU$33.75  ($30.68 ex GST)



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