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FreshZone is a revolutionary new device that will save you money by dramatically reducing fridge food spoilage and waste. It neutralizes mould, bacteria, fungus, viruses, ethylene gas, pesticides and odours without chemicals, cover-up scents, refills or filters. Maintenance free. Just set and forget. Keep your fridge as fresh as a mountain breeze!





AU$45.00 AU$33.75  ($30.68 ex GST)

How big is FreshZone?

The FreshZone is compact and will easily fit on the top shelf of your fridge. It is 13.5cm high, 12.2cm wide and 7.4cm deep.

How does FreshZone save me money?

You can potentially save $1,036 per year. According to foodwise Australia, this is the dollar value of the 20% of food discarded per year by the average Australian household.

Do I have to clean the FreshZone, replace filters, use refills or maintain it in any way?

No. FreshZone is completely maintenance free. Just set and forget. You will only need to replace the batteries 2 or 3 times a year.

Is FreshZone safe? Does it produce any chemicals?

FreshZone is safe to use. FreshZone generates ozone and does not produce any harmful chemicals. The amount of ozone produced is just enough to do its job and then it reverts back to the same oxygen we breathe in the air. Ozone naturally exists in the atmosphere and acts as an air purifier and sanitiser. FreshZone has been tested for safety. It was found that the concentration of ozone in the air of the fridge doorway when the door is opened is only 0.02 parts per million (ppm). According to the Australian Government Department of the Environment continual exposure of ozone concentrations of 0.04ppm is not harmful to human health. The USA Occupational Health & Safety Administration recommends limiting continual ozone exposure of 15 minutes to 0.3ppm. Even if the ozone concentrations in the fridge or wardrobe fluctuate, exposure is still only a matter of seconds. So yes FreshZone is perfectly safe. Click here for the Safety & Effectiveness Test Report.

How should I store my fresh produce in my fridge when using FreshZone?

Generally the same way you usually do except that you no longer need to use as many plastic bags, containers and wraps. The ozone will create a sanitised environment, so allow your fruit and vegetables to be open to the air.

Fridges are dry environments so leafy greens, which are susceptible to moisture loss, should be stored in the crisper bin in plastic bags with holes. The holes allow ozone to enter while retaining a high humidity micro-climate. To retain moisture you can also mist them. Other vegetables most affected by moisture loss should be stored in the crisper bin such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, etc.

When the produce in the basket outside of the fridge is ripe, place it in the fridge to significantly slow down the ripening process. This is especially great for bananas, avocados, citrus and other fruits.

Will FreshZone keep food fresh in the crisper bin?

Yes. Do not place the FreshZone in the crisper bin because of the high humidity. Since crisper bins are not airtight, the activated oxygen produced by FreshZone will also circulate into the crisper bin.

Will FreshZone stop mould inside sealed bags, jars and containers?

Ozone will not penetrate an air tight seal, so after you use something from a sealed container, put it back in the fridge with the lid off, ajar or open. After some time the ozone will sanitise it. Then re-seal the container. Every situation is different so experiment with what works for you.

Will FreshZone work in a wardrobe or cupboard?

Yes. FreshZone is effective in small enclosed spaces (0.5m3). Get rid of that musty smell in dark or damp cupboards. Use it to neutralize mould that grows on surfaces and damages clothing & leather goods.

What size fridge will FreshZone work in?

FreshZone is effective in all size fridges up to 600L in capacity (freezer capacity not included).

My commercial fridge is larger than 600L. How can FreshZone help?

If one FreshZone unit is not effective in an oversized fridge, try two units.

How is using FreshZone good for the environment?

Using FreshZone keeps food fresher longer and significantly reduces the amount of food spoilage and waste. Australians discard up to 20% of the food they purchase and up to 40% of the average household bin is food. This equates to 4 million tonnes of waste per year ending up in municipal landfills. What are the environmental effects? When food rots with other organics in landfill, it gives off a greenhouse gas called methane, which is 25 times more potent that the carbon pollution that comes out of your car exhaust. The hidden impact? When you throw out food you also waste the water, fuel and resources it took to get the food from the paddock to your plate.

FreshZone also helps reduce the use of plastic bags, containers and wraps reducing your carbon footprint.

What do I do with the used batteries?

The FreshZone is energy efficient with a maximum power output of only 1 watt so the batteries can last up to 6 months. We recommend you use the best quality batteries available so you don’t have to change them so often, which reduces waste. Spent batteries can be processed to recover plastics and metals, some of which are used to manufacture new batteries. Batteries should never be placed in a garbage bin. Please use an Australia-wide battery recycling program such Also, Aldi supermarkets offer a free battery recycling service at all their Australian stores.

Will the batteries corrode in the fridge?

Since the air in the fridge is dry the batteries will not corrode. Batteries can tolerate cold temperatures. Do not place the unit in the crisper bin. When the LED indicator light turns red replace the batteries. If the batteries are dead, or the unit is no longer in use, remove the batteries from the unit. Always follow the directions in the instruction manual.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied return it undamaged within 30 days with the original packaging for a refund (excluding shipping costs).

Is there a warranty?

Yes. The warranty covers you for up to 12 months from manufacturers defects.

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