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FreshZone is a revolutionary new device that will save you money by dramatically reducing fridge food spoilage and waste. It neutralizes mould, bacteria, fungus, viruses, ethylene gas, pesticides and odours without chemicals, cover-up scents, refills or filters. Maintenance free. Just set and forget. Keep your fridge as fresh as a mountain breeze!





AU$45.00 AU$33.75  ($30.68 ex GST)

“After just 24 hours I'm rid of the mouldy stale air and musty shoe smell from my under-stair storage. The cupboard space is roughly 2 cubic meters. It's not air tight and opened only every few days. But I am impressed that such a large space although way more than recommended by Fresh Zone is so successful. Great little product.”

–Suzannah, Sunshine Coast QLD

“Thank you for supplying this excellent product, Freshzone. I immediately noticed a reduction in general frig odour, and after one month, how food is very much fresher and much longer-lasting. I'm saving money already! Highly recommended.”

– Kate, Sunshine Coast QLD

“Very impressed with this product. I buy a lot of fruit and vegies in bulk for juicing and maintaining freshness has always been a problem. The FreshZone really does extend the life of fresh produce like strawberries and baby spinach, as well as preventing mould on tomato paste and cheese, meaning no more waste! Thanks FreshZone.” - Kathryn, Sunshine Coast QLD.

“I haven't had to throw out any food at all since I've had the Fresh Zone in my fridge. Green leafy vegetables normally start to go yellow or limp after a few days, but now after 2 weeks they are still crisp and fresh. As a single person household I'm definitely saving money... and am definitely impressed!” - Richard, Sunshine Coast QLD


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