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Ultimate protection from mobile phone radiation, WiFi  & all      


EMF emissions.

Scientifically proven to

protect your DNA!

Aulterra Neutralizer discs

FEATURED PRODUCT Presenting the Aulterra Neutralizer™now in Australia. Protect yourself from mobile phone radiation and other EMF (electromagnetic field) emitting devices such as smart meters and WiFi routers, etc. Are you concerned about mobile phone radiation? Do you experience discomfort while talking on the phone, such as heat, pain, tension, tingling, brain fog, irritability or fatigue? All manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are potentially harmful. The Neutralizer re-tunes this radiation into a harmless natural form and has been scientifically proven to protect DNA from radiation’s harmful effects. The Aulterra Neutralizer offers complete protection and is the most researched and tested product of its kind on the market. The Neutralizer does not block or absorb EMFs so it does not interfere with mobile or wireless internet reception. It is an extremely affordable product.

Get ultimate protection and experience its safety, cool comfort and peace of mind.

Guaranteed to work! Buy yours today!


Latest research and testing.

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Aulterra Neutralizer.

These products offer protection from mobile radiation, WiFi and all EMF emitting devices. Includes a Whole House neutralizer.

EMF Neutralizers Water Filters

Ecobud life water filters removes fluoride, chlorine and other pollutants from your drinking water. Alkalise your water for liquid health. Comes in a water jug or water bottle. BPA free.


A revolutionary new device keeps your fridge food fresh & alive 2-3 times longer. Saving you $1036 avg/yr. No chemicals or filters. Maintenance free. Just set & forget.



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