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Aulterra is Committed to Research

Aulterra will never stop researching their products, and the amazing ways they protect the body. Their studies have time and time again shown exactly how powerful these products are. Whether it be through an independent study at a University, a peer-reviewed science journal, or even here in their own office, Aulterra is committed to showing customers not only that the products do work, but exactly how they protect the body. Please watch the video below dated Nov 2016. Must see!

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Aulterra Neutralizer Discs 3-PACK

Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation emitted by mobile phones and all other electronic devices such as cordless phones, smart meters and WiFi routers. Use one disc per device. Does not interfere with reception. Includes one pack of 3 Neutralizer discs and one pamphlet. more

AU$45.00 ($40.91 ex GST) with effect v2.png

Aulterra Whole House Neutralizer plug

Neutralizes the electrical wiring of home or office, including all plugged-in devices. Uses the neutralized electrical circuits in the building framework to protect from external incoming EMFs such as WiFi and mobile transmissions. Designed to create a safe & harmonious living environment. Includes one high quality power point adapter for AU/NZ that meets Australian electrical safety standards. more

AU$125.00 ($113.64 ex GST)

Aulterra Energy Pillow

Enhance your healing, harmony and balance. Neutralizes the effects of toxins on your body. Neutralizes EMF radiation. Approximately 16cm square. Sleep on it, sit on it, rest your back against it … just keep it close to you! more

AU$120.00 ($109.09 ex GST)
AU$22.50 ($20.45 ex GST)

Aulterra Neutralizer SINGLE Disc

Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation emitted by mobile phones and all other electronic devices such as cordless phones, smart meters and WiFi routers. Use one disc per device. Does not interfere with reception. Includes ONE Neutralizer disc and one pamphlet. more

EMF Neutralizers

Presenting the Aulterra Neutralizer

protection from mobile phone radiation and other EMF emitting devices

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Aulterra Neutralizer and what is it made of?

The Aulterra Neutralizer is a small thin disk that neutralizes harmful mobile phone radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by electronic devices. It offers you complete protection from ALL electronic devices. The Aulterra Neutralizer is made from a patented blend of rare-earth elements including cerium, lanthanum and an inorganic compound derived from a crystalline mineral found in only one known site in the world.

How do I use it?

Peel the backing off and use it like a sticker. Secure it anywhere on your mobile phone or electronic device. You can stick it on the back of the mobile, under the cover or in the battery compartment. The effective range of the Neutralizer is a one metre sphere. Also use on the following devices:

• WiFi router  •  microwave oven  •  computer  •  fuse box •

• television  • ipad  • smart meter • cordless phone •

• Bluetooth device  • baby monitor • video game unit • etc

How does it work?

The crystalline mineral matrix mixed into the ink of the discs have a paramagnetic affect that react with magnetic fields smoothing out the energy wave form reducing the spikes and intensity of the radiation and EMFs. The chaotic human-made energy is retuned into a coherent, or harmonious, form of energy.

What is the science behind it?

The developer, Kim Dandurand, funded a research program at Quantum Biology Research Laboratories that showed that human DNA reacted adversely to mobile phone radiation. Further tests proved that once the radiation has been retuned by the Neutralizer, it is rendered harmless to DNA and living tissue is protected. These tests have been repeated. The Neutralizer is patented, peer reviewed and published in international medical journals. Scientific research has been conducted by the University of California, Sun Microsystems and soft testing completed using Kinesiology and a Mora Bio-feedback machine. It is the only product of its kind with as much biological and engineering research.

How do I know it’s working?

If you are sensitive to electomagnetic fields and experience symptoms of discomfort or pain you will get immediate relief. Otherwise you can use the Kinesiology  technique of muscle testing on yourself. This will determine whether or not the Neutralizer is beneficial for you.

Does the Neutralizer block or absorb the radiation from my mobile?

No. Any device that blocked 100% of the EMFs from a mobile phone would severely affect its performance and a device that was a genuine absorber would eventually become saturated, stop functioning and require replacement. Instead, the Neutralizer changes the human-made frequencies into coherent, harmless frequencies - they are re-tuned into a more natural form of energy.

How long does it last?

As the Neutralizer is based on natural elements it will last indefinitely. Placing it inside the battery compartment or under a cover where it will not get damaged, will prolong its life.

Will it interfere with my mobile phone’s reception?

No. As it does not block the signal it will not interfere with reception or transmission.

Will it work on all types of mobile phones?

Yes. It will work on all makes and models.

Will it work on other electronic devices?

Yes. The Aulterra Neutralizer will work on all EMF emitting devices. For added protection use it on your microwave oven, television, computer, printer, WiFi router, cordless phone, wireless devices, fuse box, video game unit, baby monitor, blue tooth ear piece, alarm clock, smart meter etc..

Why are there 3 in a pack? Do you need 3 on your phone?

You only need one Neutralizer on your phone. The reason there is three is because it is such a versatile product. We recommend using it on devices where you have the most EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) exposure. For example, did you know that cordless phones may be worse for you than mobile phones because of the strength of the signal?

Are mobile phones dangerous?

Mobile phones emit low levels of radio frequency (RF) energy. It is well known that high levels of RF can produce biological damage through heating effects, and more recently, it has been discovered that low-level RF can cause non-thermal damage. Several research studies have shown that the radio frequency radiation from mobile phones cause genetic damage in human blood. Until there is more definitive research, it’s best to assume that a risk does exist, and preventative measures, like using the Aulterra Neutralizer, should be taken.

What are the possible risks to mobile phone exposure?

There are concerns that the electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phone handsets may harm health. In particular, there have been claims that it could affect the body's cells, brain or immune system and increase the risk of developing a range of diseases including cancer. There have also been reports of people suffering from headaches, fatigue and loss of concentration after using their mobile phones.

What are the risks to children?

Children are more at risk from the radio waves emitted by mobile phones because their brains are still developing and their skulls are thinner, making it easier for the radio waves to penetrate them. Additionally, if they start using mobiles at a young age, their cumulative lifetime use will most likely be higher than adults. Children are advised only to use mobile phones in emergencies.

Why don’t phone companies put the Neutralizer in their phones?

It’s actually a conflict of interest! They would be admitting there is a problem and would have to accept liability for the possible damage already done. Just like the cigarette companies, they are denying that there is a problem.

Will wearing earphones protect me from the radiation?

No. The wire in the earphone cable acts like an aerial concentrating the radiation directly into your ear. Your ear is the most vulnerable spot in your head for absorbing radiation. Bluetooth ear pieces emit their own radiation and are not a solution. There are headphones on the market where the cable is a hollow tube without a wire and will reduce the problem.

Will the Neutralizer work with Smart Meters?

Yes. Smart meters emit high levels of EMFs and so require a Neutralizer disk on the meter and also the use of a Whole House plug in the building. We also recommend the same solution for WiFi routers and USB Internet.

What about using speaker phones?

This is definitely safer than holding the phone to your head but remember that if you carry the phone on your body, there are regular pulses of radiation emitted by the phone as it maintains your communication link.

Will a Gauss meter, or EMF detector, show the Neutralizer is working?

No. They are used to detect a change in signal strength. The Neutralizer does not reduce the signal strength but instead changes the pulse tone inside the signal thereby making the emissions harmless to the body. The quality of the signal does change but can only be measured by extremely sensitive laboratory equipment.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied return it undamaged within 30 days with the original packaging for a full refund.

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