Commenting on experimental results:

“… such reductions in EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) signals by the small Neutralizer disc are phenomenal and completely surprising … given the nature of the experiments, a truly phenomenal result. … the data speak for itself.”

-JP Jones [Professor of Radiological Sciences], Dept. of Radiological Sciences, University of California, Irvine

“I have six smart meters on my wall for  the whole complex. I believe they trigger seizures in my autistic Grandson when he visits. Now that I have installed the Aulterra products he is calm, sleeps well and has no seizures! We are incredibly grateful! Thank you!”

>>Six months later:

“Joel has very, very few seizures when he’s here at my place regularly, and his “plug-in” is SO very obviously working, because those 6 Power Meters are still on the garage wall, which is also his bedroom wall… in my opinion… a Miracle!”.

-Barbara Jones, Auckland, NZ

"I feel better already using the Aulterra Neutralizer products! AMAZING! I’ve suffered for years from swelling and pain in my hands, ankles and feet due to arthritis. It got worse when I moved to my new address with a mobile transmission tower directly above … this greatly concerned me. I thought the Neutralizer might help but I must admit being skeptical. The day after I plugged the House Neutralizer in, my pain reduced by 70% and swelling by 90%! I have been suffering for a number of years now and it is the key reason I have stopped working. Just amazing!"

-Leanne, Parkville VIC

“I take my Neutralizer (Whole House plug) to work in Brisbane HQ because I’m surrounded by electronics. I feel grounded now and not tired. I can actually think logically. I’ve noticed a change in my workmates personalities too. They are happier and not so stressed as opposed to days I don’t take the Neutralizer to work.”

-Cilla Waho, Brisbane, QLD.

“I bought the House plug and enough of the Neutralizer discs for all phones and bluetooth devices in my whole house. I felt the difference in the energy as soon I put the disc on my mobile, the relief was wonderful. The difference in my son is amazing as he is not as tired and drained, which is very important for him with school. The energy in my whole house now feels very different and I would highly recommend everyone to buy these products as they make a massive difference which you can feel straight away.”

-Anastacia, Wynnum West, QLD.

“Well my father is pretty sceptical person, and when i sent the home plug and the discs to Indonesia, he didn't think much of it. However after a few weeks he sent me a text saying that he hasn't had a headache for a couple of weeks, when usually he gets it 2/3 times a week.”

-Valentina, Knoxfield, VIC.

“I used to get burning in my ear when using my mobile, but since using the Neutralizer I get no side affects. My daughter says her iPod Touch feels cooler. Thank you so much! It is great to have peace of mind with very little expense outlayed.”

-Maree, Millmerran, QLD.

“I noticed a significant difference after only a few hours of placing this on my laptop. Very impressed with this Neutralizer. Highly recommend it for computer and mobile phone users.”

–Linda, Eumundi Markets, QLD

“The Neutralizer House plug and disc have made a dramatic difference in how I feel when I use a laptop or iPad. I used to feel nauseous from the radiation but I don’t get that anymore. Thank you Richard!”  

-Di, Natropath, Sydney, NSW

“My husband and I have both had bad pain and heat around our ears while talking on mobile phones and cordless phones. Since using the Neutralizer discs for the last 12 months we have no problems at all with our phones and no burning around our ears. We highly recommend this product!”   

-Valerie, Upper Caboulture, QLD

“We have used the Neutralizer in our mobiles phones effectively. Previously we would not have a conversation on a mobile.”  

–David, NSW

“I used to get a lot of heat from my mobile phone, and pain down my neck and right through to the opposite ear. I don’t get that anymore now that I’m using the Neutralizer.”

–Mariannje, Caloundra Markets, QLD

“I often experienced headaches and discomfort while talking on my mobile phone. Since attaching the EMF Neutralizer these symptoms have disappeared.”

-Richard Goldsworthy, Coolum Beach, QLD

"My mobile phone used to get very hot and now seems to take longer to heat up. I have been using the Neutralizer and I feel less irritated on my phone. I find I am generally more comfortable on it during longer calls."  

-Bronwyn, Caloundra QLD

“I put the Neutralizer inside my mobile phone and also on my computer, monitor and modem. I perceive this has reduced the amount of irritating frequencies from these devices, because I don’t feel as agitated while using them.”

-Waz, Sunshine Coast, QLD

“As I no longer have a land-line, I use my mobile phone to keep in contact with family and friends.  I no longer experience ear-ache or burning after long conversations. Above all else, The Neutralizer provides me with peace of mind.”

–Kathryn Rose, Marcoola, QLD

“There are many devices on the market claiming to provide protection against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs), but few deliver. Finally, after some searching, I have found a source of inexpensive and effective EMF protectors. They are the Neutralizers from the Aulterra company.  

Don’t let the size or thinness of the Neutralizers fool you. I affixed one onto my computer and immediately felt my shoulders relax. This was a valuable clue: it told me right away how much of my tension is based on EMF exposure rather than on emotional angst or even incorrect posture. 

Several research papers on the Neutralizers have been either written or supervised by Glen Rein, PhD. Dr. Rein has been involved in a wide variety of fascinating, cutting-edge experiments that help explain healing in our multi-faceted, multidimensional universe. I respect his work highly. In fact, long before I found the Neutralizers, I followed Dr. Rein’s work. I found his studies so relevant that I discuss them in depth in Chapter 6 of my Rife Handbook. (www.rifehandbook.com

I use the Neutralizers on anything and everything electrical: my computer, printer, TV, stereo, refrigerator, freezer, washer and dryer, dishwasher, car (inside, near the dashboard), hair dryer, and more. Anything electrical emits EMF—unless it’s specifically designed not to, which is a rarity. That’s why I buy lots of Neutralizers. I even put one on the electrical socket that’s on the wall at the head of my bed. Even though I don’t plug anything into that socket, there’s live electricity running through the wires, which negatively impacts the quality of sleep. I can really feel the difference with a Neutralizer on that socket. 

Another really good use for Neutralizers is at the airport. Passing through the security devices is not good for our health, because the equipment emits ionizing radiation. To protect myself, I wear one Neutralizer in each sock, put one in each pocket, and attach one to a necklace. I feel much more balanced, and not nearly as tired, as a result of this added protection.  

The uses for the Neutralizers are limited only by our imagination. Simply ask yourself: “Where is there an electrical power source, and where could I use a little more balancing?”

-Nenah Sylver, PhD, author, The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy with a Holistic Health Primer and The Holistic Handbook of Sauna Therapy.









Presenting the Aulterra Neutralizer

protection from mobile phone radiation and other EMF  emitting devices

Aulterra is Committed to Research

Aulterra will never stop researching their products, and the amazing ways they protect the body. Their studies have time and time again shown exactly how powerful these products are. Whether it be through an independent study at a University, a peer-reviewed science journal, or even here in their own office, Aulterra is committed to showing customers not only that the products do work, but exactly how they protect the body. Please watch the video below dated Nov 2016. Must see!

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Aulterra Neutralizer Discs 3-pack

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Aulterra Whole House Neutralizer

Neutralizes the electrical wiring of home or office, including all plugged-in devices. Uses the neutralized electrical circuits in the building framework to protect from external incoming EMFs such as WiFi and mobile transmissions. Designed to create a safe & harmonious living environment. Includes one high quality power point adapter for AU/NZ that meets Australian electrical safety standards. more

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Aulterra Energy Pillow

Aulterra Neutralizer SINGLE Disc

Neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation emitted by mobile phones and all other electronic devices such as cordless phones, smart meters and WiFi routers. Use one disc per device. Does not interfere with reception. Includes ONE Neutralizer disc and one pamphlet. more

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